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Latham Eclectic Martial Arts

"Budo must always reflect its surroundings.
If it isn't newer and stronger, it isn't valid."
- Shoji Nishio

We're a collective of martial artists in New York using eclectic and innovative training methods. Our training is based on fundamental and universal principles to allow for more effortless and integrated movement, and spontaneous generation of techniques.

We focus on building style-independent skills by structurally aligning the body, and tapping into natural and intrinsic strength, abilities, and intelligence. Our practice functions as a stand-alone martial art and movement system, and seamlessly integrates into many other martial arts for increased effectiveness and performance.

We also recommend other instructors and train in related arts in the area, to provide the possibility for more active participation and a deeper immersive learning experience.

We have members who are currently training Aikido, Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Systema, Pekiti-Tirsia Kali, Boxing, Taijiquan, and welcome others from various arts and levels of experience.

We acknowledge that martial arts have existed and evolved in all cultures and in all areas of the world. And like nourishing foods and inspiring music, can be cultivated and shared for the enrichment and enjoyment of all — transcending the barriers of culture, race, language, politics, time, and space.

Our practice draws from principles, concepts, and training methods found in common in various arts from around the world, including Japanese Nishio Budo, Aiki-Jujutsu, Shindo Jinen Ryu Karate, Judo, Sumo, Jodo, Iaido, Taijutsu, Taikiken; Chinese Taijiquan, Yiquan, Wing Chun, I Liq Chuan, Chi Na, Qigong, Neijing; Russian Systema, Sambo; Indian Yoga; Filipino Escrima; African Kupigana Ngumi (African Martial Sciences); Indonesian Silat; English Bartitsu; European Fencing, Boxing, Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA); American (USA) Cheng Hsin, Small Circle Jujitsu, American Kenpo, Jeet Kune Do; Hawaiian Lua, and Danzan Ryu.

We incorporate modern approaches and classic models used in IP/IS, Aiki, Internal Martial Arts, Daoist Sciences, Shiatsu, Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique, Kinesiology, Rolf Method of Structural Integration, and Sensory Deprivation Isolation Tanks.

We maintain active and symbiotic relationships with area martial artists, as well as practitioners around the world on the evolutionary cutting edge of martial arts.

We provide resource and research materials as well as information and announcements on seminars and events in the New York area presented by top practitioners in related arts.


Dan Richards began his study of martial arts at New York Aikikai in 1988. Moving to Scandinavia in 1991, he began training under Shoji Nishio intensively through 1997, receiving Yudansha (black belt) in 1995. Inspired by Nishio's example, he continued training and teaching interdisciplinary martial arts, establishing his own school in 2007, and teaching several generations of students.

Through his training, research, and discussions with many advanced martial artists from many arts and cultures, he began to arrive at an understanding of core commonalities, beyond the apparent forms, within all martial arts. It is with that core in mind he established LEMA.

Dan is among only a handful of martial artists in the US who studied under Shoji Nishio.

Dan recording drummer Terry Bozzio


The lineage of Shoji Nishio includes Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido and direct student of Sokaku Takeda, founder of Daito-ryu Aiki-Jujutsu; Yasuhiro Konishi, founder of Shindo Jinen Ryu Karate and direct student of Morihei Ueshiba, and Hironori Otsuka, founder of Wado-ryu Karate and Gichin Funakoshi, founder of Shotokan Karate; and top level instructors Kyuzo Mifune in Judo and direct student of Judo founder, Jigoro Kano; Shigenori Sano in Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu Iaido; and Takaji Shimizu, headmaster of Shinto Muso-ryu Jojutsu.

Latham Eclectic Martial Arts
Patrizio Center for the Arts
5 First Avenue
Latham, NY 12110
Map & Directions

Training: Sunday 12PM - 1:30PM

Dan Richards

Recommended Area Training, Classes, and Schools
Albany Systema is one of the best things going on in the area in martial arts and health training. They focus on relaxation, breathing, identifying and releasing tensions in the body, structural integration, free expression of movement, and spontaneous generation of techniques. The movements are generally done slowly and with varying amounts of resistance.

The classes are of benefit for self-defense training, supplemental training for other martial arts, and anyone wanting to get more blood circulating in the body and oxygen to the brain.

LEMA fully endorses Albany Systema, and regularly trains with them.

Albany Systema (Russian Martial Art)
Monday nights from 7:30-9:30pm. $15 per class
A Space To Grow
216 River St.
Second Floor
Troy, NY 12180

Simon Burke-Lipiczky
Facebook Albany Systema
Systema Headquarters

Seishin Budo Dojo
Delmar, NY

Seishin Budo Dojo offers classes in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu (Iaijutsu) and have group practice for the arts of Ono-ha Itto ryu (Kenjutsu), Shindo Muso-ryu Jojutsu (staff art), Kasumi Shinto-ryu (Kenjutsu), and Kyudo (The Way of the Japanese Bow).

Thursdays 7:00PM Muso Jikiden Eyshin ryu Iaijutsu (Japanese Swordsmanship)

Open practice every 2nd Tuesday of the month. Upcoming in 2014: Oct 21th, Nov 11th, and Dec 9th.

Ric Kaplowitz

Albany Jeet Kune Do
Albany, NY

Monday 7:30-9:00PM
Wednesday 6:30-9:30PM

Albany JKD on Facebook

Inspiring Videos

Related News, Seminars, Events & Info

LEMA T-Shirts have been ordered.

Requiescent Float Center in Ballston Spa, NY

Isolation tanks were developed and first used by American physician, neuroscientist, author, and inventor, John C. Lilly.

Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Seminar with Hayawo Kiyama Shihan
Saturday, June 6 and Sunday, June 7 at 12:00 PM
Capital District Martial Arts Center in Delmar, NY

Hawayo Kiyama Shihan intensive seminar on the weekend of June 6th and 7th, 2015 at Capital District Martial Arts Center. Kiyama Shihan is a true treasure in the martial arts, and in the beautiful art of Daito Ryu Akijujutsu.

Torchbearers: The Legacy of Kiyama Shihan from Vladimir Minuty on Vimeo.

Past Events & info

Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Kodokai Seminar
Roy Goldberg Sensei
October 4th & 5th, 2014
Delmar, New York

Sensei Goldberg will be covering the Jujutsu and Aikijujutsu techniques that are signature to Daito Ryu. Don't miss this seminar with one of the leading authorities on Daito Ryu in the United States.

Location: Capital District Martial Arts Center
3 Normanskill Blvd
Delmar, New York 12054
Map & Directions

Contact: Anthony DiSarro
Tel 518.330.3656

Additional info at Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Kodokai

Joshua Tree Evolutionary Aikido Webinar
Unlocking The Evolutionary Potential of Aikido

Patrick Cassidy, Miles Kessler, Dave Goldberg
Sunday, October 12th, 2014
1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. U.S. EST

Below is the recorded conference with comments and input by the hosts as well as others, including Corky Quackenbush of Kakushi Toride and Dan Richards of Latham Eclectic.

I Liq Chuan Weekend Workshop
GM Sam FS Chin
Friday, October 17, 2014 to Sunday, October 19, 2014
Carmel, New York

Filipino Martial Arts Seminar
Saturday, October 25th, 2014
Guro George Chaber & Guro Tony DiSarro

Location: Capital District Martial Arts Center
3 Normanskill Blvd
Delmar, New York 12054
Map & Directions

Time: 12:00PM - 4:00PM
Contact: Anthony DiSarro
Tel 518.330.3656

Berkshire Hills Aikido Fall Seminar
Saturday, November 8th, 2014
Great Barrington, MA

Location: Berkshire Hills Aikido
8 Squaw Peak Road
Great Barrington, MA 01230
Map & Directions

Time: 10:00AM - 1:00PM
Contact: Ron Ragusa
Tel 413-528-3354

Mikhail Ryabko World Tour 2014
November 15th & 16th
Jersey City, New Jersey

Contact Systema Fighthouse NYC
Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Seminar
Roy Goldberg Sensei
December 6th & 7th, 2014
Delmar, New York

Join us for a weekend of training in Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu, with Roy Goldberg Sensei, Senior practitioner of Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Kodokai, and the only American to receive a teaching license (Kyoju Dairi) directly from the Hombu Dojo in Japan.

Location: Capital District Martial Arts Center
3 Normanskill Blvd
Delmar, New York 12054
Map & Directions

Contact: Anthony DiSarro
Tel 518.330.3656

Additional info at Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Kodokai

Aiki Friendship Seminar
Sunday, December 14, 2014
Latham, New York

In celebration of the birthday of Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba (O-Sensei), Latham Eclectic and Latham Kokikai Aikido are hosting an Aiki Friendship Seminar. The seminar will feature over four hours of training, instruction, and demonstrations from seven of the region's top martial artists.

Irvin Faust, Shihan (6th dan) - Albany Aikido
Ron Ragusa Sensei, Founder - Berkshire Hills-Ryu
Mary Eastland Sensei (6th dan) - Berkshire Hills Aikido
Larry Gravett Sensei (4th dan) - Latham Kokikai Aikido
Simon Burke-Lipiczky - Albany Systema
Dan Richards - Latham Eclectic

Including a demonstration by Seishin Budo Dojo.

The seminar is open to all martial arts styles, and all levels of students. Feel free to come dressed in your art's uniform and belt, or casual sweatpants and t-shirts.

The seminar is limited to 40 attendees, and is already filling up. Reserving a space is encouraged.

Visitors and those who would like to watch will be admitted free.

There will be a lunch break from 2:00 - 3:30 PM, and a dinner gathering after the seminar at a nearby restaurant.

Lunch will be at Ala Shanghai, an inexpensive and world-class — read the reviews — Chinese restaurant located within 1/4 mile of the seminar.

Location: Patrizio Center for the Arts
Latham, New York
Map & Directions
Time: 11:00AM - 6:00PM
Cost: $35

Contact: Dan Richards at

Saratoga Martial Arts Festival
Saratoga Springs, New York
15th Anniversary March 20-22, 2015

Tai Chi Gala
Spring 2015
Albany, New York

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